Six kids who just wanted to play golf at Gowran Park

Every child, regardless of their ability, should have the opportunity to learn and play golf. That is the belief at Gowran Park Golf Club, and so, 8 months ago we introduced a golf coaching program for kids with special needs. This gives children who otherwise might not get the chance, an opportunity to learn the great game.

When we started, we were told to expect a 50% drop off in attendance within two months. Eight months later, not one child has left the program. For the juniors and mentors, it is often the highlight of their week. It’s fun, it’s safe, it’s energetic and it’s rewarding. At the end of each session, we hug and high five and go back to our lives exhilarated, inspired and in sheer awe of the resilience of these six juniors.

On the 13th of April at 4pm in Gowran park club house, we are hosting a special event presenting these six All Ability juniors with a certificate of recognition. We acknowledge their resilience to carry on coaching despite the wet, windy and cold winter months, their hunger to learn to play golf regardless of the challenges they face each day.
As mentors we focus on their ability, not their disability, we connect with their smiles and frustrations. We would love to open up our program to more kids like Jason, Faye, Seamus, Ryan, Edward and Sara but we need your help to do this. Just 2 to 3 hours per month that’s all we ask, and you will be provided with full training and support.

Come along on the 13th at 4pm to meet the kids and their parents, chat with the mentors, hear from experts in special needs sports support programs and maybe get your voice on the radio.

You can make a difference to kids who just want to play golf at Gowran Park. Attend on the day or email for more information.

Our All Ability Committee

Paul O Rahilly – Chairperson
Dominic Bolger – Golf Coach Coordinator
Seamus Nugent, KRSP – Governance and Framework
Lorcan Lynch – Project Coordinator
Mentors – Judy Dick, Lottie Boote, Sarah Lynch, Eileen Walsh, Jim Walsh, Ann Mullins, Rita McGuiness, Fionnula Taylor, Ashleigh Boote, Eileen Tobin