Weekend 11 hole singles result.
Cat 1.
(1) Chris O’Grady (7) 27pts €50
(2) Pat Kirwan (7) 26pts €40
(3) Niall Patterson (9) 25pts (CB) €30

Cat 2.
(1) Mick McKillan (18) 27pts €50
(2) Paolo Fusco Divito (19) 26pts €40
(3) Pat Staunton (16) 26pts €30

Any golfer who is in the prizes twice (singles) will have a 2 point deduction applied in all subsequent single competitions in the winter 11 hole series.

The winners have had the prize applied to their account in the pro shop. The 2’s winners have also had the money applied to their account. €11 for each 2 this week.

Next weekend the 11 hole competition is a fourball. 9/10 of your handicap.

There is now placing everywhere. Also Rake and Place is in play in all bunkers.

Golfers, under this rule, you may;
• Mark position of the ball in the bunker with a tee
• Rake the immediate area beside the tee to provide a playable area
• Clean and place the ball within 6 inches of original ball location

If your ball is located in casual water, relief must be taken in the bunker with this local rule then applying.

Reminder of the 11 Hole ‘Frost Policy’
The Timesheet will stand from when the course is opened. Players who were due to play earlier forfeit their tee time slot but may revert to an alternative tee time by rebooking in the golf office.

Also a reminder to avail of the sand bags on the 1st and 10th tee. It’s great to see the number of sand filled divots on the course lately.