Whether it’s beginners luck or a seasoned racing enthusiast placing a bet is part of the experience of a race day in Gowran Park. How to choose a horse?

The Look. The name. The colours. The trainer. The jockey. The tip. The form. The word. It’s up to you. There is no exact formula.

Types of Bet

There are two main types of bet: win or each way. If you back to win it goes without saying your horse has to win. A €5 win bet costs €5. If you bet each way your horse can be placed but a €5 each way bet costs €10as it’s really two bets (one to win and one to be placed).

If you win….go back to the place you placed your bet and collect your winnings.

Where to Bet at Gowran Park?

There are three different options in Gowran Park. 


On the ground floor near the elevator Boylesports are located. Here you can place a bet on a race at Gowran Park or at any other races on that particular day. There are over 20 screens to follow all the action. To place a bet get a docket and write the horses name, race time, racecourse and the amount you want to back.

The Tote

The Tote is located on the ground floor close at the Thyestes Bar. There are also Tote stations in the Hospitality suite, on busy days there are mobile operators who will come to your table and take your bet. Just tell them the amount you wish to place and the horse you want to back.

Betting Ring or Bookmakers

In Gowran Park the betting ring is located at the end of the stand outside the Thyestes Bar. This is a real experience on race day and a hive of activity and excitement in the moments before the race starts. Here there are numerous bookmakers all willing to take a bet. Scanning the screens for the best price is part of the fun. Once you have your horse chosen just pick the bookmaker and tell them horse number and amount you want to place on it.

Talk the Talk

Whether it’s to wow your friends with some lingo or maybe you just want to know some racing phrases & terminology.

Allowance: the weight concession the horse is given to compensate for its rider’s inexperience.

Also ran: any horse not finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in a race or event.

Banker: a supposedly certainly to win.

Bar: a betting term that denotes that all horses not already listed in the betting market for a race are at the bar price or longer odds.

Blinkers: a type of headgear worn by a horse designed to limit the horses vision and improve concentration. Blinkers is also a bar on the 1st floor in Gowran Park!

Each-way: a bet in two equal parts – one backing a horse to win and the other backing it to finish in the first three.
Evens or even money: betting odds where your stake exactly equals your winnings – £5 at evens wins a further £5.

Form: A horse’s race record. This is denoted by figures next to its name on a race card: 1=1st, 2=2nd etc. 0=unplaced,

P=pulled up, R=refused to race,

F=fell, U=unseated rider,

SU=slipped up, BF=beaten favourite.

CD= course & distance

Odds: this is the price of the horse to win. Usually marked X to 1 e.g. 4/1 means put on €1 and you win €4 if your horse wins plus the €1 stake to begin with so you collect €5..

Odds on: odds where the winnings are less than the stake – thus a winning £2 bet at 2-1 on wins you £1.

On the Bridle: a term used to describe a horse running well – not under much pressure.

On the nose: betting on a horse to win only (not to place).

Penalty: the extra weight carried by horse which has won since the weights for a race were originally published.

Placed: when a horse finishes in the first three.

SP/starting price: the official price (odds) of the horse at which the bets are settled in betting shops.

Stewards Inquiry: An inquiry held at the racecourse on a raceday after any given race. The panel is advised by the stewards.