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What is it?
Gowran Park uses CLUB2000 software to run the club’s competitions and manage the members handicaps. When each competition is closed and results are printed, the software automatically publishes the latest results, handicap list and course statistics to the HowDidiDo website.

This means that every member can register on www.howdidido.com and that allows access to:

  • Your Online Playing Record
  • Check Handicap Lists
  • View Full Competition Results
  • Competition Results and Handicap Change notification via e-mail
  • A Discussion Group about Gowran Park
  • Social Networking the HowDidiDo way. Contact your golfing friends and compare results.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

Here are some screenshot examples of the site in action:

A scorecard example

An example of a Scorecard

The Course Analysis

The Course Analysis for that particular competition

A competition result

Part of a full Competition Result online

An example of a players individual competition results

An example of a players competition results

An example of a handicap graph

A graphical representation of a players handicap progress

So you can see that there is a lot of benefit to registering on www.howdidido.com
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