Posting Scores

Please note if a player or players cannot enter their scorecard results on a competition day due to howdidldo or computer problems or for any other reason, can players please contact the competition secretary with your name, competition details or a picture of your scorecard.

Failing to do so may result in your scorecard not being registered for the competition. **Please remember to enter all three handicaps on your scorecard**

For any competition related questions Email Mens questions to Niall Brett: 

For any competition related questions Email Ladies questions to Aisling Costelloe

* *Particularly on competition days, please avoid slow play. If a group is holding up the group behind and if the group ahead are out of sight, please let the group behind through.**



** Competition results are posted on How Did I Do App and soon will be posted on the club website**

** Please repair pitch marks, rake bunkers and replace divots at all times, Your cooperation is much appreciated**

** For clarity purposes, 1st hole, on or over the road on the right is out of bounds, 6th hole in and over the dyke on the left is out of bounds, maximum of nett double bogey in stroke play competitions only applies for handicap purposes, for competitions the hole to be completed and the final score applies to the scorecard**