Katie's Halfway Hut

Coffee Dock – Order & Collect

To order ahead as you tee off on the 8th, call Katie on 0860745830.


Payment Options

The coffee dock will accept both cash and cards.


Coffee Dock Opening Hours (weather permitting

Monday – Friday :: 9am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 8am – 6pm


Coffee Dock Menu

Tea €2
Coffee €2.50
Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate €3.00
Water €2
Minerals €2.50
Sandwiches €3.50
Wraps/Toasted sandwiches €4.00


From Weekend

Sausage sandwiches €4.00
Sausages Sandwich & Tea/Coffee €5.50
Muffins/Danish €2.50
Lemon Drizzle €2.00
Bars €1.50
Taytos €1.00


***Please do support the coffee dock as much as you can, as the more support we provide, the greater the opportunity to have it as a permanent feature in our club.***