We will keep track of all the club matchplay competitions in this category.

This year, the entry to the Club Singles Matchplay will be Opt-In rather than the qualifier system of previous years (previously you qualified for the matchplay stages (last 64 or last 32) based on your finish in an early Monthly Medal strokeplay tournament). For 2010 we want anyone who wants to take part to be given the opportunity.

To enter, put you name on an envelope along with your entry fee, mark it “Club Singles Matchplay” and put it in the scorecard box in the clubhouse strictly by March 31st.

The draw will take place on April 1st and we will reproduce it here and track the progress of the various rounds.
For anyone unfamiliar with the workings of this competition, you will be drawn against another player and should make contact with this player to arrange to play your match at a time that suits both players (strictly before the due date for that round). Matches are played off the back (blue) tees and for singles matchplay, the handicap allowance is the full difference between the handicaps of both players – e.g. You are an 18 handicapper, your opponent is a 6 handicapper. The difference is 12 strokes. Your opponent plays the match off scratch (receives 0 strokes) and you receive 12 strokes, using one on each hole with a stroke index between 1 and 12.